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Political Science

Programmatic Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate knowledge of and ability to analyze U.S. government institutions, political processes, and behavior as well as politics in select Western and non-Western countries
  2. Students will exhibit an ability to evaluate political institutions and processes from the perspective of democratic principles, including majority politics, the protection of minority rights, and the value of due process.
  3. Students will employ an ability to think critically and a capacity to use political science research. This includes an understanding of social science research methods and elementary statistical concepts, and the ability to use professional resources such as journals, indexes, and government documents.
  4. Students will be able to qualify for graduate study in political science, public policy, public administration, law, international affairs, or related fields or to qualify for entry level employment requiring competence in governmental and political processes, or for teaching government.
  5. Students will demonstrate an ability to write clearly and effectively.

Assessment Plan

Annual Reports

Curriculum Maps
Most Recent Program Review 2016-17