English Composition

Programmatic Outcomes

  1. Structure - Students will formulate an appropriate thesis and support that thesis with unified, coherent, appropriately developed paragraphs set in a logical order.
  2. Process - When given a writing assignment, students will generate ideas, find and organize information, plan, draft, revise, and proofread.
  3. Rhetorical Knowledge - Students will analyze their audience, purpose, and genre, and will apply suitable conventions and style.
  4. Inquiry - Students will formulate research questions appropriate for the assignment, locate and evaluate appropriate sources, and synthesize material from those sources, while adequately paraphrasing, carefully quoting when appropriate, and correctly citing.
  5. Argument - Students will defend their ideas while addressing opposing viewpoints, and when appropriate will incorporate and synthesize material from authoritative sources into their arguments.
  6. Standard English - Students’ essays will adhere to the conventions of Standard Edited American English.
Assessment Plan
Annual Reports