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Design Arts

Programmatic Outcomes

  1. Problem Solving/ Design Thinking Processes
    1. Effectively apply design research methods to all stages of the design process.
    2. Effectively communicate ideas orally, graphically, physically and in writing throughout all stages of the design process.
    3. Effectively implement a cohesive, iterative design process.
    4. Effectively develop prototypes and user testing, and evaluation of outcomes dependent appropriate for each stage of the design process.
    5. Effectively work on design projects in disciplinary and interdisciplinary teams.
  2. Design Medium and Content
    1. Selection and integration of appropriate medium (print, web, web based video, animation, etc) for content and targeted delivery.
    2. Develop visual and aural narratives that communicate central messages and themes.
    3. Exhibit principles of visual organization, composition, information hierarchy, symbolic representation, typography, aesthetics, and the construction of meaningful images.
  3. Critical Thinking, Design Ethics and Sustainability
    1. Identify key historical and contemporary design concepts, and reference them in the development of design work and in critique.
    2. Engage in constructive evaluation and critique of design work.
    3. Effectively implement environmentally sustainable, ethical and socially responsible design practices in all stages of the design process.
  4. Medium and Technology
    1. Effectively and appropriately use tools in design and production.
    2. Effectively create design work for production/ reproduction in/for various mediums including print, web and online content (video, audio, animation). Effectively plan for
    3. Effectively format, compress and export, organize, manage and archive digital files during the design, production and post-production phases.

Assessment Plan

Annual Reports

Most Recent Program Review 2013-14