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Arts Management

Programmatic Outcomes

1. Assess structural, strategic and financial circumstances of a non-profit arts/cultural organization.

  • Evaluate quality of financial position of an arts organization and describe implications for budgeting
  • Evaluate quality of program delivery and describe implications for future programming

2. Articulate current trends in audience participation, cultural funding and program delivery.

  • Identify and access up to date research
  • Apply trends to specific situations in organizational case studies

3. Advocate for the arts as agents of social, economic, civic, educational and political impact.

  • Identify research citing the impact of the arts on various social systems
  • Speak and write persuasively to various audiences including opinion leaders, governmental
    officials, and the general public

4. Evaluate the impact on arts/cultural organizations of governmental involvement and cultural policy at national, state and local levels.

  • Articulate various ways that government is involved in cultural policy and arts funding decisions
  • Describe the impact on arts and cultural organizations of government actions
Assessment Plan

Annual Reports

Most Recent Program Review 2013-14