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Programmatic Outcomes

All Degrees and Emphases

    1. Demonstrate growth in musical expression, technical skills, and knowledge of repertory on major instrument in solo setting.
    2. Demonstrate growth in musical expression and technical skills on major instrument in large and small ensemble settings.
    3. Apply knowledge of music theory in academic contexts.
    4. Apply knowledge of music theory in performance settings.
    5. Apply knowledge of music history in academic contexts.
    6. Apply knowledge of music history in performance settings.
    7. Demonstrate analytical and problem-solving skills relevant to life-long musical learning.
    8. Demonstrate ability to identify, hear, and sing the elements of music.
    9. Demonstrate ability to read, write, and realize musical notation.
    10. Demonstrate appropriate competency at the keyboard.

Music Education Emphases

    1. Demonstrate appropriate pedagogical skills for music classroom instruction.
    2. Demonstrate appropriate musical leadership through rehearsal and conducting skills.
    3. Demonstrate knowledge of relevant music methods for classroom instruction.
Assessment Plan

Annual Reports

Most Recent Program Review 2016-17

Curriculum Map