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Program Outcomes for English Majors: 

  • Critically read and interpret diverse literary texts using literary techniques, contextual information, scholarly research, and/or theoretical lenses.
  • Create original works that demonstrate a unique voice, argument, and/or point of view and that reflect familiarity with key themes in the broader fields of literary studies and creative writing.
  • Understand complex social and historical contexts that have shaped and continue to shape literature.
  • Critique the systems of power and privilege that have shaped literature and our relationship to those systems.

(Approved Nov. 2020)

Program Outcomes for B.F.A. Students

  • Students will create, draft, and revise original works in multiple genres and forms.
  • Students will analyze the techniques, construction, and production of various written expressions.
  • Students will critique works by peers and published authors alike in various classroom settings, including the writing workshop.
  • Students will situate their work and the works of other writers within multiple larger audiences of readers, writers, the publishing industry, and other relevant markets.
  • Students will identify sources of funding for arts and humanities projects, including their own individual projects.
  • Students will interpret, research, and evaluate works of literature and related media by placing them in historical, philosophical, psychological, intertextual, and other contexts appropriate to the discipline.
  • Students will articulate their aesthetic choices using appropriate artistic and professional terms.
  • Students will develop proficiency in producing, copyediting, selecting content for, and disseminating various kinds of projects in an effort to engage communities within and outside of UWGB.
  • Students will use reading, writing, editing, and producing literary texts or related media as an opportunity to deepen their insight into their own experiences and as vehicles for personal intellectual and imaginative growth.

Curriculum Map