Programmatic Outcomes

  1. Students will demonstrate an awareness of and appreciation for our literary heritage by discussing important works of English, American, and world literature.
  2. Students will interpret, research, and evaluate works of literature or related media by placing them in historical, philosophical, psychological, intertextual, and other contexts appropriate to the discipline.
  3. Students will develop the ability to express their views about literature or related media persuasively in writing, orally, and/or in other media.
  4. Students will use literary texts or related media as an opportunity to deepen their insight into their own experiences and as vehicles for personal intellectual and imaginative growth.

In addition to the above-listed Outcomes for English majors, students in the Creative Writing emphasis will do the following:

  1. Students in the creative writing emphasis will create, draft, and revise works in multiple genres and forms.
  2. Students in the creative writing emphasis will analyze the techniques and construction of various written expressions.
  3. Students in the creative writing emphasis will critique works by peers and published authors alike in various classroom settings, including the writing workshop.
  4. Students in the creative writing emphasis will situate their work within a larger audience of readers and publishing markets.
Assessment Plan
Annual Plans
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