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Chief's Corner

UW-Green Bay Police Chief Dave Jones shares his thoughts and views on various police-related topics — covering topics that are relevant here on campus and across the country.

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George Floyd and Civil Unrest in Minneapolis

May 29th, 2020

The Chancellor and I would like to take a moment to address the tragic incident in the City of Minneapolis and the resulting civil unrest that has ensued across the country. Our deepest sympathies go to Mr. Floyd’s family and friends. This was a devastating incident and it should not have happened. 

At UW-Green Bay, we place great emphasis on the safety of our community and want to reassure you that our university police officers are trained to use force only in situations that are absolutely necessary. Our officers have worked diligently to earn the trust of the community and have formed meaningful partnerships based on mutual respect. Our officers are well trained, educated, and have proven their ability to resolve situations peacefully time and time again. On the rare occasions when a use of force is unavoidable, only the minimum amount of force required to obtain control of a situation is used. We take pride in knowing that our philosophy of public safety is working, with no excessive force complaints filed against our department in several years.      

Incidents such as the death of Mr. Floyd are not localized and erode the trust in law enforcement across the country. As an institution of higher learning we must work together to seek resolutions for the issues affecting our community. As disturbing as this matter is, it provides a platform for change, learning, the opportunity to examine our practices, and to have conversations on how we can best serve our students, faculty, and staff.   

Over the coming months you will see a series of initiatives at UW-Green Bay designed to further build trust, transparency and communication regarding sensitive topics. One of these initiatives will be a “Citizens Police Academy” where community members will be exposed to the training and challenges affecting law enforcement today. Other initiatives will include a ride along program and regular open forums with the Chief of Police.  

 While we continue to mourn the events in Minneapolis, we will continue to work together to ensure the University of Wisconsin Green Bay is not only a safe community, but one that is united in treating all members of our community with respect.      


Michael Alexander              David Jones
Chancellor                           Chief of Police


Recent Immigration and Customs Enforcement Activity

August 22, 2019

I recognize and understand that recent reports about increased Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) activity nationwide have raised questions and concerns on campus and in our broader community.

The UW–Green Bay Police Department (UWGB Police) is committed to providing exceptional service to all members of our community regardless of immigration status. I want to reach out and share information about the policies and practices followed by our police department and the university generally:

UW-Green Bay will not provide information on the immigration status of its students, faculty or staff unless required to do so under force of law.

  • ​UWGB Police will not participate in immigration enforcement actions conducted by ICE. Our resources are limited and such enforcement is not part of the UWGB Police mission.

  • ICE officers must use appropriate legal processes if they are on campus and wish to contact individual students about enforcement-related issues. For example, they generally cannot enter an on-campus private residence without a proper warrant.

  • UWGB Police officers shall not detain or arrest an individual solely based on a suspected violation of immigration law and should not routinely inquire to an individual’s immigration status. An individual’s immigration status is immaterial to our mission and will only be relevant if the individual is involved in serious crimes. An individual’s immigration status has no bearing on their ability to file a police report with UWGB Police Department

We affirm our pledge to support all students and encourage any students with concerns to reach out for help via our Phoenix Cares program ( or our Division of Student Affairs and Campus Climate (